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Our Tour Packages
Our Tour Packages
South India Pilgrimage Tour


14 Nights / 15 Days


Chennai - Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram - Madurai - Rameshwaram Tiruvannamalai - Aurovile - Madurai - Puttaparthi

Day 01 : Arive in Chennai

Arrive at Chennai airport. Here you will get our representative who will assist you in all custom formalities and take you to our pre booked hotel with all the comfort in our Ac car/coach. We have selected one of the best hotels of the city according to your requirements and taste. You will be having a traditional Indian welcome by the female staff of the hotel. After a complementary drink . As soon you complete your check in formality, the hotel staff would hand over the keys. Have breakfast in your room and relax before starting our city tour next day.

Day 02 : Chennai

Wake up in the morning and see the beauty of this southern capital of India form the balcony of your room. Breakfast is ready with all the delicacies. You would be served American breakfast with hot cup of coffee. You can place the order of your own choice in the breakfast .So now you are ready to explore the city. Lets have a brief introduction of the city Chennai earlier known as Madrass is the geteway of southern India. The capital city of Tamilnadu where politics,religion and movies are the most hot topics. The most famous sites of city are its temples and exotic beaches.

Our first visit in the city would be Parthasarthy temple, one of the oldest temple in Chennai . The temple is situated at Peter's Road, Triplicane ( Thiru alli keni , the sacred lily tank).You can have vedio shoot here and take photographs of the sculputures and the images carved on the pillars in the temple corridor. From there we would leave to another temple ,Vadapalani Temple dedicated to lord Muruga. It is most revered deity of the people of Tamil as the Lord of Tamil.Lord Anjaneya is also a popular deity of the temple. Devotees apply butter to Lord Anjaneya and pray for the fulfillment of their wishes. You can see lots of shoppers out side temple premises , in the way to it selling butters with other things to be used in worship like coconut, flowers , fragrant sticks etc. Offer your prayers and butter to the lord Murugan and drive towards hotel. We will have lunch in the hotel. Enroute see the busy city life of Chennai. You can see the Rangolies and floor paintings designed by women infront of every household considering a symbol of good vibes and good fortune , it is their daily routine. You can also try your designing skills giving a helping hand to the ladies making colourfull Rangoli or alpana.

In the evening we would explore the beaches of Chennai. It is said that Chennai has longest sea shores . It has famous Marina beach which is one of the longest beach in the world it is 12 kms long. Enjoy a walk bare footed on the sand and stare the beauty of the nature. A famous characteristic of the beach is the set of stone statues that adorn the roadside area of the beach. Most statues are of Indian/local legends like Mahatma Gandhi , MG. Ramachandra and famous politicians and film personalities .Others have symbolic significance like the Statue of Labour.Wacthing sun set on the beach is a hillarious site and fascinating experience.You will wonder to see how many people gathered to take a evening storll and taste the Pani puri and bhell puri , the famous indian snacks. Children ,adults, old every one enjoy the fast tides and sands on the beaches. The rich and jolly ambience of the Marina beach attract lots of people to its shores. Return back to hotel. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 03 : Chennai

Today we will start early in the morning so have your breakfast and get ready.We would like you to have typical South Indian Breakfast. The hotel staff would gladly serve you the lip smacking madrasi delicacies like Idli sambhar,vada,Uttapam or Upama with rich aromatic filtered coffee, the taste of Chennai. After breakfast, get ready and hop in car/coach to visit other temples and religious places in Chennai. Our itenarary includes shopping spree in famous markets,followed with sight seeing and end up with jolly evening on other chennai beaches. We would reach Marundeeshwarar Temple around 9:00 am because the shrine is open from 6:00 am in the morning till 11:30 am and in evening from 4:00 pm till 9 pm.Shiva is the presiding deity here known as divine physician.Shiva here is known as Oushadheeshwara or Marundeeshwara ( lord of herbs and healing). Our guide would tell you all the mythological stories associated with the temple.

After visiting the temple shrines and offering prayers we would go further to the Kalakshetra , a traditional dance Institute founded by Rukmini Devi in 1936, the institute is devoted to the revival of traditional dance, textile designing and weaving, Bharatnatyam , the traditional dance form of chennai and Karnatka music premeat the very fabric of life in Chennai, which are taught in the naturally harmonious environs.You would be amazed to know that the school was started with only one pupil and one teacher under a banyan tree. The tree is still there grown to a vast institution. We would like you to interact with the teachers and students of the institute and try to know their own experience and thoughts about the institute. After saying good bye to the students and teachers of Kalakshetra we would move further.

Its lunch time , so you would be thinking of taking you to some traditional South Indian Resuarant ! no!! we have planned something unique for you. Today you are the guest of a brahmin South Indian family in Chennai and humbly invited on lunch. This is a great opportunity to have a direct interaction with a traditional South Indian family to know their culture and values and closely see the typical south indian house holds. You would be cheerfully welcomed by the family members and introduced to every one by the head of the family. You would love the hospitality and humblness of the family. Wash your hands and be prepared for the enticing chennai food. You will have to sit on the ground, folding your legs. It might be a bit difficult for you but with the help of our host you would be able to sit in this posture. On your amazement , the food would be served on a banana leaf. Yes, serving food on banana leaf is a tradition in southern India. Its not only about putting different items on the leaf but , putting them in a order and a manner . The top half of the leaf is reserved for accessories, the lower half for the rice, The lower right portion of the leaf may have a scoop of warm sweet, milky rice payasa , other sides would have many varieties of curries with many other things in different sides of leaves .This all would be explained by the head of the family.

Now the mouth watering delicacies are served infront of you by the ladies of the family and you are requested to savour your test buds. Thinking ! where are the forks and spoons!! Well no forks and spoons would work here, you will have to use your hands to eat the food. In India food is taken by hands using fingers. Its not only a tradition but very practical too beacause there is a logic behind it that you would be aware of the temperature of the food and can consume it better. The meal is served in many rounds and this is where you are encountered with the truly Indian hospitality. All the family members would encourage you to take extra food and they would do it so lovingly that it would be difficult for you to resist. After a final round of rice and curds, or buttermilk or both, a traditional meal concludes with a small banana, a few betel leaves and nuts. Spend some time taking rest and chatting with the family members. Before leaving, you would be served a hot cup of freshly grinded and home made filter coffee. Making filter coffee in Chennai is like a ritual in every home.

Time to say goodbye to our host and move towards our next tourist attraction , Theosophical Society located along the Adyar River.There is a Hindu temple , a Jain temple, a church and a budhist temple in the premises which is full of forests and variety of flowers with pictureseque beauty. There is an old library storing many timeless and priceless books and manuscripts. You can also buy some books from the famous book store there having nice books on philosophy. But the major attraction of the place is the largest banyan tree of the world spread to almost 40,000 sq. Feet of area.

After spending our some time in this light and peaceful environment we would have some fun for a change , so we would head towards Covelong beach, a luxury beach resort. This is one of the happening places in Chennai. Spend your evening to the fisherman's cove resort run by Taj group , enjoy the mouthwatering delicacies cooked infront of you and served by famous sheffs on the sea shore. Take dinner and enjoy at fullest. In night we would return back to hotel.

Day 04 : Chennai - Kanchipuram

Wake early in the morning and have breakfast in the room and drive towards airport . Today our destination is Kanchipuram an ancient city in Tamilnadu and seat of holy Shankaracharya( for non indians the virtue of Shankaracharya in Kachi Mutt for Hindus can be understood like Pope in Vetican for christians ). Our flight is scheduled from Chennai to Kanchipuram , The city is 71 Kms away from chennai. We will reach in Kanchipuram within half an hour. Our representative will be there to receive you on the airport. After clearing all the custom formailites we will reach our hotel .This hotel is pre reserved for you choosen according to your convenience and requirments.Your rooms are ready to welcome you and Luggage are kept, now relax with a light snacks. While relaxing you can also read the booklet of Kanchipuram city guide, provided by the hotel authority in your room. Kanchipuram is the ancient city of thousand temples. The city is one of the most sacred pilgrimage of the Hindus and its glory is only next to Varanasi in North India . Now the city has so many temples and holy shrines , we would take you to some of very famous temples and holy places.

So get ready and get into the car and approcah our first landing place in Kanchipuram Sri Ekambareswara Temple around 12 :00 pm in noon. The temple devoted to Shiva and Parvati. take photographs of beautiful statues and carvings on walls and pillars of the temple. Before leaving for another place we would have lunch in a restaurant. Being the piligrimage, the maximum restaurant in Kanchipuram serves only vegetarian fare. Have South Indian vegitarian luch in one of the famous eating joints here.After luch have a leisure walk on the streets of Kanchipuram. The pristine and sacred beauty of the city would definetly move your heart towards religion. Which is an integral part of Kanchipuram . There is one more thing Kanchipiuram is widley known for is "Silk".

Apart from its ancient temples, this small town is also known for its thriving handloom industry, traditional cotton and silk saris. The silk weavers of Kanchi given the city an enviable reputation as the producer of the best silk sarees in the country which is a 400 years old heritage of this city. Kanchivaram Sarees are world famous and a must buy attire for any Indian woman. We would take you in some of these handlom industy where you can see weavers weaving these lucent threads. Buy some of these sarees as a savonier for your lady love. Moving out of the silk factories and markets we would drive onwards and reach at a very sacred place called Sri Subramaniya Swami Temple. It has not much historial and archietectural significance but a mandatory place tro visit for all piligrims. Visit the place and medidate for few moments in the temple , you will feel rejuavenated and reborn. Return back to hotel and rest for the night after dinner.

Day 05 : Kanchipuram

Open your eyes in the mystic morning of the religious enviroment of Kancheepuram with the holy sound of temple bells and chantings of mantras in various temples in the city. Hot American Breakfast ( depends on your choice and order) would be served in your room. Get ready to explore the many other temples of Kanchipuram after relishing your breakfast. The car/coach is ready for you. We would reach Sri Kailasanathar Temple around 10:00 am.Visit the temple and say your prayers and drive towards another temple Sri Vardaraja Perumal Temple atop the Hastigiri or Elephant hill. It has a massive construction covering an area of 23 acres. You will have plenty of scence worth catching in your camera. The carvings and sculptural beauty of the pillars is amazing and a stupendous peace of art.

You must be feeling hungry now, so for the lunch we would go to Sri Muniyandi Restaurant located in Kamarajar Street to have some traditional Kanchipuram food. Its the same as you had in Chennai. Idli, Sambhar, Dosa , rice, curies, papad, pyasam and many other delicious fares in your palate that is ofcourse a banana leaf. Post lunch we would drive for our next tourist attraction that is Sri Kamakshiamman Temple one of the three Shakti peethas of India.Offer your prayers and take pictures of temple archietecture. Remember that in any temple in India you are not allowed to take pictures of idols of holy dieties and innermost temple premises.Though you can take pictures of out side area.

Our next excursion would be Sri Kacchapaeswarar Temple , The temple is dedicated to the god in the form of turtle. This is one of the most worshiped holy shrine in Kachipuram. ''Kacchapam' is a Sanskrit word for 'Turtle', hence the name of the temple is ' Kacchapa Eswarar Temple ' ( Temple of Turtle God) . See the fascinating idol of diety, which you would have never seen before. And here you would be amazed to see deep faith of Indian's and their strong root of religion that they even worship Gods in form of animals . Now you would know why the a large number of population in India is vegetarian and strong supporters of animal rights. From there we would go to another temple Sri Vaikunda Perumal Temple. In the evening we will have a stroll in busy markets of city. There are plenty of shops from where you can buy small statues of Gods and dieties, made of silver and bronze, handicrafts and silk materials. Return back to hotel have dinner and spent tonight in luxury room of your hotel to as we have to leave early morning for our next piligrimage destination.

Day 06 : Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram

Today we have to leave Kanchipuram and start for another city of temples in South India Mahabalipuram. So wake up early in the morning , have your bed tea, with the beautiful view in the balcony and get ready. You can have your breakfast in the hotel's private restaurant today while your luggage would be kept in the car. Have fresh fruits and juieces in the breakfast with other delicacies. Our car/coach is ready to take you to the Mahabalipuram. Arrival at Mahabalipuram follows check-in at the hotel in the afternoon. You must be feeling tiered after a long drive, so today have rest in your cozy rooms.

Day 07 : Mahabalipuram

Embrass the beautiful morning in your stretched arms. Must be feeling fresh and energised to delve into city's ancient charm after a good rest . Hot breakfast would be served in bed. Get Started with the first meal of the day and ready with your loaded cameras and other gizmoze you like to keep them handy. Mahabalipuram is a small town situated on the bay of bengal.Tourists are drawn to this place by its miles of unspoiled beach and rock-cut art which is particularly intresting . We would start with famous Arjuna's Penace.The scences carved on the rocks are so lively,there is a forest for tribal people and all forms of animal life , woman are dressed in a an aura of inaffeble grace and so many other excellent artistic work. These are worth cathing your camera lights.

Our next halt would be in the caves of Mahabalipuram. Not to surprise these are the real ancient caves called Varah cave, small rock cut manadapam ( hall). These are the precious faceted finished gem of Vishnu's two incarnations Varah (boar) and Vaman (dwarf). The most notewarthy and fascinating sight . You can take pictures and vedio shoot here. From there we would move to our next tourist attraction in the town. On the way we would stop on a famous restaurant for lunch in the afternoon. You can order the luch of your own choice from American, continental , thai , cheneses and South Indian whatever you feel like. After having delicious lunch we would reach to our next major attraction Rathas ( chariots ), a group of structures lying at the southern extreme admist casuana trees in the Mahabalipuram , are the famous Rathas.

From Rathas we would go to Krishna Mandapam, one of the earlieast rock cut temples of Mahabalipuram. The walls of the temple depicts the pastoral life of Lord Krishna.Further we would drive towards Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram.Enroute we would have some evening snacks and tea to refresh you up from long drives in the city. Situated on the sea shore these wind swept and surf - beaten shore temple are the mute timeless sentinel of the shore.Its nice to roam around the sea beaches after visitng sacred shrines in the temples. Walking on the sand on the shores of sea, listening to the sound of sea surfs like chanting of mantras in the temple. The serenity and sprituality is filled in the air , this is the perfect place to conclude our visit to Mahabalipuram. Return back to hotel. After dinner, sleep well in your rooms. Next day we would move to Madurai .

Day 08 : Mahabalipuram- Maduari

Wake up in the morning , breakfast is ready , you can have it in your room or in the dining area of the hotel. After a good meal pack your bags and check out the hotel to drive towards our new destination Madurai. We will reach the city in the afternoon. Check in into hotel allready booked for your arrival in the city. This is one of the best hotels in the town equipped with all kinds of modern amenities and best services . Choose the rooms of your own choice and get the keys. Luggage are kept in the room . Refresh yourself with the welcome drink by the hotel staff. Today you can take rest after the lunch. Day is free for the leisure. Tomorrow we would explore this famous city with its temples including world famous Meenakshi temple.

Day 09 : Maduari

Today we would have to start early . You are feeling fresh now after a day of leisure and rest. So today have early break fast with fresh cut fruits, juices and cakes with other delicacies.Put your bags in the car and drive towards our first stop in Madurai , Meenakshi Temple . Meenakhsi temple is the true expression of Madurai. The Temple has almost become synonymous with the place and emerged as the most famous landmark of the city.This 17th century temple has two sanctum Sanctorums: one dedicated to Lord Shiva as Sundareswar ("Lord of Beauty") and the other to Meenakshi, his wife.

It is estimated that there are 33 million carvings in the temple.No doubte the temple has some of the best architecture in India.Note that the Temple is open daily from 5.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 4.00 pm to 9.30 pm.Every pillar is adorned with the excellent piece of art work. Take photographs of the carvings and sculptures. Visit the entire temple. Take your time to explore every corner of the temple. Our guide will narrate you all the mythological stories linked with the temple. Later on we would move to Koodal Alagar Temple a very rare kind of Lord Vishnu temple located about 2 km west of the city. See some of the hand work especially the carvings of Lord Rama's coronation is spectacular in the temple. Plenty of photographic opportunities are here. Visit the near about areas of the temple and move onwards to another temple. For luch we would go to some very famous eating joint of Madurai in the way where we would have excuisite vegetarian dishes of Tamilnadu.

Post lunch we would stroll in the city markets. Shop for some beautiful soveniers to take them to your home town. There are lots of small sculptures of Meenakshi temple are available in the market.Watching the busy life of people of Madurai we would reach Thirupparankunram the famous Temple is one of Subrahmanya's ( son of godesses Meenaskhi) six sacred abodes. The temple, is carved out of a mountain and dedicated to Lord Muruga (Subramanya).From there we would drive to Thirumalai Nayak Palace around 6 : 00 pm in the evening.We would watch a sound and light programme here, depicting the story of Thirumalai Nayak and of Silappathikaram. The program is organised here daily at 6.45 pm. So we would manage to reach on time. You would enjoy watching the magic of sound and light with impressive story telling.Its dark mow, so return back to hotel. Dinner is waiting on your arrival. Hot dishes of your choice are served in your room. Enjoy dinner after a busy but enjoyable day. Go to your bed cherrishing the good memories of beautiful sights of this medival city.

Day 10 : Madurai - Rameshwaram

Today we have to leave Madurai and continue the journey to further desitnations of piligrimage places in India. Take your breakfast in the morning and get ready. Pack your bags , hotel staff will arrange your luggage in the car. Check out the hotel. Drive towards airport to catch the flight for Rameshwaram. We would reach the holy city in the after noon. After completing custom formalities transfer to the hotel, already reserved for you. Welcome by hotel staff with a complimentry drink. Check in into the hotel , get your keys and luggage settled in your rooms. Have rest for the day after lunch.

Day 11 : Rameshwaram

A beautiful day in Rameshwaram. Open your eyes in the serene envirnment of this sacred city. Breakfast is ready and served in your room. We are waiting for you in the car to start our visit to the sacred temples of Rameshwaram. We will introduce you with the city in the car. Starting with the breief introduction we would tell you the mythological stories of the city. Rameshwaram is a very important pilgrimage center in the India. Situated on the tip of the indian pennisula make it look like an iseland , surrounded with water.A piligriamge to Varanasti can not be completed without a visit to Rameshwaram .

So in the city we would pay our first visit to the Ramanathswamy temple. The temple is situated close to sea , the eastern side of the iseland. After savouring the panaoramic temple view , we would start for our next piligirmage sight Agnitheertham.Next we would go to Gandamadana Parvatham. The imprint of Lord Rama's feet placed on a Chakra (wheel) is found in this shrine which is at the highest point on the island at 2 km from Rameswaram .

We would take lunch enroute. This is a great pilgrimage place so you would get vegetarian fares at every restuarant in Rameshwaram. Post lunch we will reach Dhanushkodi named after Rama's bow, the place is at the eastern end of the island at a distance of 8 kms from Rameshwaram.Later on we would visit Erwadi, an important site for Muslim pilgrims, Erwadi houses the tomb of Ibrahim Sahid Aulia. In the evening we would roam around the streets of Ramehswaram. Go for some shopping in the busy markets of the city . You will get some beautiful articles made of sea shells and conch. In the night return back to the hotel room . Have dinner and rest on your cozy beds. You must be feeling some changes in your inner concious after visiting this great piligrimage. That is the reason , scholars of ancient time said that to attain Moksha (Salvation) visiting Rameshwaram is mandatory in Hindu religion.

Day 12 : Rameshwaram - Aurovile

Morning in the Rameshwaram is as beautiful as in Varanasi. Wake up with the echo of the chanting of Mantaras by priests and bells ringing in the temple. Get fresh and have breakfast of your own choice, weather you want to go for American or Indian Breakfast choice is all yours. Pack your bags and get set for a new experience to our next expedition Auroville. We will take a flight from Rameshwaram to Pondichery.Our representative will receive you on the Pondichery airport.Transfer to Auroville by car. We have pre booked a guest accommodation for you around the township area in Auroville.Reaching here the place may appear rather incomprehensible.It is not a tourist attraction neither the foundation of this place advertise it as a tourist place. But it certainly stimulate the people from all over the world join and contribute in this 'laboratory of evolution'. People love to be the part of this universal town which knows no boundary.It is the place which does not devote much time and energy to welcome tourists but tourist welcome the concept of the place and devote their time and energy to understand its purpose join the experiment of human unity.

Auroville is a unique place literally mean the city of dawn, has been unannimously supported by UNESCO. Auraoville is on its way is a universal town having no boundaries of cast , creed, religion and even nationality.Started on 21st February 1971, construction work on this structure has continued uninterruptedly ever since.

After all the formalities get over , rest in your rooms. You will be issued a guest card/pass to avail the services in Auroville. You might have to produce this card/pass each time. Get your meals from Solar kitchen. After lunch get acquainted with the place, know the rules and norms and be prepare to enter in a new mindset. You will get to know lot of things about the place while being here, which you never knew. All visitors are encouraged to be present at visitors centre. Which offers information, exhibitions, a video viewing facility, a cafeteria and a shopping facilities. Evening snacks would be taken in the cafeteria. Stroll around in the shopping centres and pick sovenier for your loved ones. The centre get closed after 6:30 pm. Return to your rooms. Meal would be taken form Solar kitchen. Overnight stay in the room.

Day 13 : Aurovile - Puttaparthi

You would have to wake early in the morning as per rule of the place. After prayers have your breakfast. Today we would explore other places in Auroville including Matrimandir. The inner chamber of Matrimandir, a place for silence and concentration, has been completed and, at present, the work focuses on finishing the outer structure and creating the surrounding gardens. See the panoramic beauty of the place. Here we have arranged some yoga meditation classes by experts. Visit Pitanga Hall for exhibition and variety of classes. Devote some time to enlight your inner self. Post lunch visit Quiet Healing Centre offers a vide variety of treatments , classes and courses. There are lot of activities here to take part in. You are free to participate in anything. We would arrange these according to individual choice of every tourist. Each guest is asked , as are the Aurovilians to contribute financially towards the maintenance and development of the township and its infrastructure. Evening would be spent in the serene environment of Auroville. Have some evening snacks and pack your bags to drive towards a next destination of peace and knowledge Puttarpathi. 

We would reach at the chennai airport to catch a flight for Puttarpatti , located 400 km from Hyderabad. A small village in Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh, Puttaparthi is today on the world map. And the person responsible for it is "Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba" considered as a living God by moillions. Prasanthi Nilayam (Abode of Peace) is an imposing edifice at Puttaparthi built by the devotees in reverence to the living God at his birth place. Peoople seeking peace of mind and solace make a beeline to this village from all over the world.We would reach the place by road in night. Accomodation is available in Puttarpathi and prebooked for you. Overnight stay in your room after dinner in canteen.

Day 14 : Puttaparthi

Morning in Puttaparthi is very beautiful and pious. You are advised to wake up early in the morning . the Ashram wakes up at 4:00 am and the day begins with the prayers and Omkar at the prayer hall from 6:45 am to 9:30 am. Dressing should be simple and sobar during the stay, white is preferable. For breakfast and meals you would have to come at cantene. There are three cantenes in the ashram where you can get , simple Western, North Indian and South Indian vegetarian meals at low prices . Food is usually simple vegetarian but spicy. There is a bakery and snacks bar too. Get the Swamy's darshan and enjoy the serene environment of the ashram. You would'nt resist yourself without getting affected from the high persona of Swami ji and his great aura. His miraculous charm and existance will take you in a different world.

The day is scheduled with various activies at ashram. Communal bhajan singing, lectures, darshan of the Swami are usual. In prayers and speeches by Sai Baba .Although Hindu deities and ideals appear as metaphors in the Swami's discourses, his teachings, in their quintessence, propagate a simple, uncompromising morality that people of all faiths can appreciate. During the month of November , people in ashram celebrates the birthday of Satya Sri Sai Baba on 23 Nov. Festival and celebration take place in the ashram and thousands of visitors come here to be the part of celebrations and seek the blessings of Satya Sri Sai Baba.

Programs are held throughout the day at various venues of the ashram except two free, silent hours after lunch. Visit the Sanathana Samskrithi museum and purchase books, tapes and videos by and about Swami ji from the book center. Service in the ashram is volunatary but certain basic sharing of responsibility is expected from every visitor of the ashram during the stay. You can also contribute anything you could do. We would like you to visit a hospital run by the ashram that caters to devotees and the local population. There is a super speciality hospital for serious cases. All the treatment is provided free of charge.After the evening Darshan and Bhajan during 2:45 pm to 6:30 pm , stroll in the super market built in the ashram premises. You can shop for anything here at a very resonable price. Take dinner in the cantene and have sound sleep in your ashram room. You would feel such a sound sleep in this beautiful secure and serene envionment like you had never before.

Day 15 : Chennai

Today wake up with the morning calls and get ready with your bags. After morning prayers and Darshan of Sai baba. Have breakfast in the cantene. Say good bye to the ashram taking holy blessings of Sai baba . We would return back to Chennai to conclude our journey of salvation.We would drop you at the chennai airport where you can get international flights for your home town.
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