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Sasaram Tour
Temperature (Max./Min.) Deg C: Max. 40/Min. 20 Winter-Max. 28 Min. 6 
Rainfall:186 cms (Mid-June to Mid-September) 
Best Season: October to March. 
Sasaram in Rohtas district of Bihar is a small town, 148 km from Patna. Traditionally it is believed to be named after , the sage Parashurama and the legendary King Sahatrabahu. Sasaram was also the birth place of Sher Shah Suri, who ruled Delhi from 1540 to 1545 AD. It is well known for the mausoleums built during his regime. The Grand Trunk road, the most notable feature of Sher Shah Suri’s achievements, goes through Sasaram. The place is notably sought after for the beautifully sculpted tombs of Sher Shah Suri, his father and the architect who designed the monuments. These historic structures stand as mute testaments of the glory of a bygone era. Today apart from the historic significance, Sasaram has a thriving stone mining industry and is famous for the quality stone chips that are supplied all over India. 

Prime Attractions of Sasaram (Sightseeing in Sasaram)

The famous red stone Tomb of Sher Shah Suri is the star attraction here. It stands 122 feet high, in the middle of a man made lake, which gives it a look of a floating monument.

The Tomb of Hasan Sur Khan, father of Sher Shah Suri is in a dilapidated state but retains the architectural beauty of the early Muslim rulers. Sukha Rauza is another tomb with a small pond, which can be visited. 

The Maa Tara Chandi temple, dedicated to Goddess Kali is thronged by people during the month of Dusserah.

Visit the Samrat Ashoka Pillar in a cave near Chandan Shaheed in Kaimur hill.

Excursions - Tourist Attractions Around  Sasaram

Rohtas Garh
It is situated 5 Kms. west of present block headquarter of Rohtas Block in Dehri Subdivision.It is said to be after the name of Rohitashwa the son of Raja Harishchandra Rohitshwa is said to have settled and built a fort here. However some local tribes say that Rohtas means dry land. Rohtas has a big fort. It was taken into possession by Sher Shah in 1538 A.D.It was the headquarter of Akbarpur, victory of the eastern provinces near the fort. There is a MAJAR (Grave) of Mohammedan saint named Sheikh Shah Babal (Pir).

One kilometer north of Rohtas Fort is Bawan Talab known for ancient temples. As the name indicates 52 ponds surrounded the village the good olden days. But there is no trace of them now. There is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva, locally known as the CHAURASAN MANDIR said to have been built by King Harishchandra.

Other activities

About 17 Km from Sasaram, at Dehri, you can visit few lesser known Muslim tombs.
Hiking and trekking are enjoyable through the Kaimur Mountain while you can even explore the caves here.
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